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DICO's new virtual client card

You can read the app's manual >> HERE << !


You can get the smartphone app for your carwash and take advantage of the following:

  • The client card is always ar hand                                                                     
    • plastic cards are no longer necessary
  • Payment via app at the cash desk / vacuum cleaner / DIY box   
    • Scan it like a "normal" client card, but the barcode is specifically secured against misuse
  • You can get the balance of the card online at any given time
  • The customers can edit their own data - simple and password secured!            
    • Data is automatically send to WaVe, you no longer need to spend a lot of time decyphering unreadable card forms
  • You can see the last 5 visits to the carwash                                          
    • Live from WaVe
  • Request a bank statement via email!                                                    
    • Within 15 minutes, the customer will automatically receive the bank statement in PDF
  • Stay up-to-date                                                    
    • Write messages - news, special events - in WaVe and the app will automatically receive them
    • You can now also send these messages via push message!
  • Basic information about all sites                                                                   
    • e.g. address, contact data, business hours, allowed car measurements, etc.
  • Find a site according to your current location                                            
    • only if access to the smartphone's location is given
  • Open the navigation, email and phone app directly from the app
  • Function for app rating and recommending


To be able to use the app, the customer has to come by the carwash once after downloading the app from the store. At the carwash, it will be activated and from then on, can be used - with all advantages! If the customer brings his old card, his balance can be transferred immediately. The news function and all information about your sites is already available after downloading the app, no registered card needed.


Currently, the app is available for Android and iOS and will be created with your individual colours and texts. It will be available exclusively for your sites in both the Google and Apple app store. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us via phone, email or our contact form.


Use this new WaVe service...

  • to lower your management work,
  • to reach even more customers with your latest news,
  • to offer your customers a modern way of payment and to reach the younger - and hardest to age group to win over - generation.