Multimedia Content

WirtschaftBelebt 09/16: Mit Hochdruck voran!

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Tankstellenmarkt 06/15: Die Schaumwand

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CarwashInfo 01/15: Durchblick für Waschstraßen!

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WirtschaftBelebt 09/16: Wellness für Automobile

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CarwashInfo 06/15: Die Vorzeigewaschstraße

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Multimedia is the catch-all term for audiovisual contant. On these pages, DICO provides you with multimedia content like fotos, videos, documents, etc.. 


1 Foto Gallery

A collection of fotos from different carwashes divided by country.


A collection of videos from different carwashes divided by location.


All DICO products at a glance! You can look at every product's singular brochure.

4Interactive Carwash

An interactive tour through a DICO carwash!