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WirtschaftBelebt 09/16: Wellness für Automobile

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CarwashInfo 01/15: Durchblick für Waschstraßen!

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WirtschaftBelebt 09/16: Mit Hochdruck voran!

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CarwashInfo 06/15: Die Vorzeigewaschstraße

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Tankstellenmarkt 06/15: Die Schaumwand

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Customer service is important to DICO! That is why on this page, you will find a few services that will help you to get to know our company a little better.


1 Live-Demo

An online live demo of DICO WaVe!
You want a demonstration of our customer loyalty and cash desk program WaVe? No problem!

2Online support

Don't hesitate to ask if you need help. Download our support program HERE.


An interactive map will show you where to find us. A route planner will help you find your way to us!


Here we try the answer the most frequent questions beforehand!


5Return form

You want to return your product? Print the return form first.