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DICO WaVe BackOffice - The management

The management module that knows what it's doing.


  • Management
  • Tasks
  • Reporting

    The program has multiple functions, that help the user with and relieve them of running their carwash.



The management function help with the management of:

  • Contacts and cards
  • Articles and article groups
  • Rules, coupons and charge bonuses
  • Clientele and customer conditions
  • Financial objects like cash drawers or banks
  • Meters
  • Event markers
  • Marketing events
  • Text modules


The tasks section offers a wide variety of tasks and wizards. For example:

  • Automatic billing
  • Money transfers
  • Balancing the cash register
  • Marketing events (via SMS, email, form letters / faxes)
  • Cards
  • Attendance and absence logs (e.g. vacations, sickness)
  • weather and meter logs
  • also event markers to check the success of your events


The reporting sections supports the user with numerous statistics about different areas like.

  • the sales overview, that shows the user the sales of the articles and article groups. With or without distinction between card and cash payment and the possibility for simultaneous day, time period and hour display, whether for a single site or a comparison of all sites. This data is complemented with graphical reporting in the form of pie charts or line charts.
  • Cash reports offers a hierarchical view over the areas sales, income, spendings and money transfers in accordance to time period and cash register.
  • Charge and cancellation statistics
  • Transaction protocol, a detailled 1:1 copy of the pocesses at the cash desk
  • Weather report as a list or trend
  • Control the success of marketing event to see their effect
  • Meterings
  • Employee attendances

Additional features

Additionally, the system offers:

  • A complete help system ("F1") with detailled descriptions of all functions and manuals for certain processes
  • a general full-text search
  • an individual work area for each user
  • Favourite and history features
  • Detailled security settings for users and user groups
  • Excel export of all list views
  • Extensive settings to adapt the program to the site's topology and the user's wishes
  • Multilanguage in DE, NL, EN and FR (for now). Every other language can be added by the user as needed.