DICO aggregates

Our range of aggregates for your car wash

Pre-spray bend

The entrance to the car wash. This is where the automated car wash begins!

Front/hedge spraying

For front-tail chemistry or front-tail drying

HD Arc

The high pressure arc with a powerful performance


For the wheels and the sill of the vehicle

Roof roller

The central unit for cleaning the horizontal surfaces

All-round scrubber

Like the name, like the function. The central washing unit in every car wash line

DICO 500 short roll

500 mm washing performance for the problem zone sill

Front/side washer DICO 1800

Thus, no surface of the vehicle paint remains untouched


The supplement, for some the alternative to the roof roller

Wheel/ sill washer DICO 2002

The wheel sill washer washes the two mentioned problem areas of the vehicle


The alternative to conventional nozzle systems for certain applications

5 motors blower

Electrical power is getting more expensive every year. Here is our answer

All-round dryer

Our hydraulic triple roller dryer

Our range of aggregates for your car wash to adapt it to your needs.