DICO WashControl

Based on the Siemens-S7 industrial professional bus control, DICO WashControl combines many things. Individually thought out and coordinated with you!


  • Drive via hydraulics or electric motors - the basis
  • Patented roof roller control - a highlight
  • intelligent all-round scrubber control - simply clever and good

All components combined, the system significantly reduces energy, water and chemical consumption.

Energy costs will continue to rise, we remain with vigor and expertise on this issue!

Your advantages

  • Competent partner for car wash technology since 1990
  • Comprehensive and holistic support
  • Active in Germany and Europe
  • Technology, material and software "MADE IN GERMANY
  • All products from one house
  • Constant control through use of the products in our own plants
State of the art technology

For our control systems, you will only receive high-quality modern technology from leading manufacturers. For the control itself, we use only SIEMENS components.

Siemens Step 7 industrial series is used here.

This guarantees the extremely high reliability.

  • High quality components
  • Control with the help of PCs
Easy setup

Forget about cumbersome procedures for the configurations in your controller that require an expensive technician. Just do the control, program definition, etc. yourself.
And that in centimeters - forget about cycles

  • Graphical user interface
  • Logical menu navigation
Remote configuration

You can influence the control system not only on site, but also remotely,
read off washing figures and malfunctions, and provide on-site staff with advice.

  • Full access
  • Automatic fault message

Lowest consumption

Keep your consumption as low as possible!
With some providers, only one thing counts: performance!
You can see the result on your electricity or water bill.

Performance costs money - and in the future, prices for water and energy will certainly rise rather than fall.

With our control "WashControl" you can dramatically reduce the "COST PER VEHICLE":

  • Precise control
  • Exact performance

Fault management

In the event of a malfunction, you and your employees are well prepared.
You will be informed immediately and extensively what has happened and even what to do.

    • Fault message via printout
    • Optical malfunction signaling
      Directly in your car wash, at the cash register PC, in your office or anywhere in the world...

Fast detection and elimination of errors / malfunctions

By displaying and logging errors, downtime is reduced.

  • Extensive help
  • Configurable help texts
    Each user can define the texts himself, according to his needs.
Communication with connected systems

Our control is probably the most communicative control in the world
- Specialized in car washes

In the past, it was common for a controller to do your work and not much more. However, in times of communication, internet, etc. the requirements have increased and we would like to show you possibilities how you can benefit from this as well:

Receiving washing programs from the cash register

You use a POS system, e.g. our DICO WaVe? Why don't we connect these two systems?
At the cash register, a low-priced standard wash is collected - it is logical that only a standard wash is washed. If you want, there is no possibility to influence the washing program.

BUS system
Communication with the bus system

Thanks to the use of the SIEMENS Profibus system, there is no longer any need to lay hundreds of cables from a gigantic control cabinet,
hundreds of cables from a gigantic control cabinet.
Control your washing units decentrally now and save considerable setup costs!

The Profibus system

For the communication between controllers and I/O modules we exclusively use the Siemens
Profibus system. Because here it is possible to chain any number of input and output modules one after the other.
In doing so, we make sure that certain washing aggregates are always supplied by a particularly close moduk, because this makes it possible to achieve particularly short cable paths.

Short paths / Short cables

Since each group of units in the car wash can now be assigned a module for inputs and outputs, the supply is decentralized.

Simplest fault containment

If, contrary to expectations, there is a problem, our WashControl reports exactly what has happened, which unit is affected, where to find it and even - and here you can help - makes suggestions on how to proceed.

Chemical monitoring
Monitor consumption and levels of your chemistry

As an additional element, WashControl offers a chemical monitoring system that is second to none.
Unobtrusively for your customers, the employees are discreetly informed about e.g. lack of chemicals etc.

Chemical monitoring

WashControl offers - as a standard feature - chemical monitoring, which allows you to intelligently watch your fill levels. You will automatically receive information when action is required to keep your wash result optimal.

Adjustable reserve times

Of course, the monitoring can be set so that there is enough time to react to a shortage. How large the reserve quantities should be is, of course, up to you.

Unobtrusive information for your employees

If the worst comes to the worst, the employee responsible for the plant (e.g. plant manager) is informed unobtrusively, e.g. via a flashing lamp. Now he can get an impression on the screen which barrels / canisters have to be refilled before he goes to the technical room. Of course, the washing line can still be operated, because there should be (but you can set this yourself) a few days left without the chemical stocks becoming critical. Nevertheless, the employees are reminded again and again: Soon must be refilled!